Hi! I am currently adding content to my new site, the book is NOT yet available for purchase but it will shortly be ready for sale in my own little shop. I will be announcing the publication date in the near future . Thanks.

I would like you to enjoy reading my book, just as you would enjoy being in a great restaurant having a wonderfully tasty meal with a delicious glass of wine, in fact, dear reader, my book will cost you less than such a good meal but it will last longer than that three-course dinner.

Maybe you would prefer to turn the pages after your meal, in that fancy coffee shop, with your favourite coffee concoction. If reading my novel with a coffee is not your cup of tea, then placing a copy on your bedside table for a spot of bedtime reading will, I hope, provide you with nocturnal nourishment in the form of words selected and composed to try to provide a sense of satisfaction, of prepped paragraphs designed to unharness you from your bodily bondage and whisk you away to your own land of contemplation, indeed to transport you to a balmy idyll would be ideal. 

I have strived to create for and within you a congenial lightness of being. Best wishes and hugs, Angie.

Soon you can buy my book