Café Jurado

Culture, coffee and the cafetería.

… The strong aroma of freshly made coffee emanates from inside, it tantalises me, tickling my nostrils, the attracting fragrance beckons me to sit. …

Alicante is blessed with numerous coffee shops and a splendid local coffee blender, the producer of the renowned Cafe Jurado.

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Un solo? O café con leche?

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What does Jurado mean? Well, for me it is more than a surname. In Alicante and a lot of Spain it is synonymous with coffee and coffee shops. It is a family business in its fourth (or maybe now fifth) generation, trading for more than a century.

Jurado can speak for themselves, an extract, Who we are, from their website …

We were already pioneers in our sector, for example by becoming one of the main brands of coffee in Spain thanks to persevering in the quality of our coffee, to the loyalty of our customers and to the constant development of new products in which coffee is the common denominator, letting the customer savour the mixtures of all our different varieties of unrivalled quality.

Home page of website Café Jurado, and an interesting insight Who we are.

Eden observes the early morning rituals as Alicante prepares for another day.

… Some coffee shops are just opening. Tables and chairs are being put outside in front of the shops. A thin, middle-aged man wearing the typical waiter’s black trousers, white shirt and black waist-coat, is mopping the stone tiles on the street in front of his cafetería, laughing and commenting loudly with a pretty young waitress, also in black and white but in a very short skirt, who is wiping the windows. …

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There are numerous places to stop, have a good coffee and laid back conversations, sitting outside observing life flowing by.

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Eden has some documents to complete and prepares a coffee as she goes.

… I switch the cooker back on for the coffee, pour some milk into a small saucepan and onto a low heat and get two mugs from the cupboard. The cafetera expreso makes its special coffee ready noise. As the delicious aroma invades the room, I switch off the heat, half fill the mugs with the coffee and top them up with hot milk, putting a heaped spoonful of sugar in my own, but none in Ron’s. Then I sit down. …

But not all restaurants serve the above mentioned brand, and so one day, Eden was invited for a coffee in this way …

… ‘Would you like some coffee? Although, their coffee is not the best here,’ he said in a lowered, confidential voice. ‘I normally go to a good cafeteria round the corner, but today I would prefer to go to my house, in that way you are almost home. I would like to prepare us a pot of coffee, I have recently bought a new cafetera expreso, and I have got Jurado coffee. In my opinion, in all of Spain they import and roast the best coffee beans and produce a wonderful tasty blend. Did you know the company is based here in Alicante?’ …

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