Coca amb Tonyina

I love Spanish cuisine. One of my favourite dishes is Coca amb Tonyina.

Coca amb Tonyina is Valenciano for the famous tuna pie, a local dish that is baked for the fiestas in Alicante, it is sold in the local bakery shops and supermarkets during the Hogueras in June. It’s wonderfully tasty, un exquisito manjar, the adults love it and so do the children.

While “preparing” my novel, I just had to “prepare” this dish myself. I followed the detailed explanation by Loli Dominguez and thanks to her I am proud to say that my tuna pie came out very tasty indeed. I recommend this delicious “manjar”, it really is worth baking, try it out!

Coca Amb Tonyina Alicantina (Experimento a mi manera) – Recetas de cocina. Loli Domínguez

‘Coca Amb Tonyina’ and The Festival of St. John, The Festival of Bonfires

Publicado el 31 de August de 2016

Entertainment, fun and gastronomy will all come together at the 2016 Bonfires of Saint John Festival, where you can savor the excellent Coca amb tonyina – A delicious and healthy snack which is famous for being eaten in this festival; But what is it exactly? What are its origins? Why is it related to the St. John’s Festival? Time to find out!

IHere is another on-line Coca amb Tonyina recipe.