Dog and Bull

DOG & BULL of The Ram Pub Company offers a Pub and Dining experience that aims to be a home from home. With fine beers, wines and spirits our customers can expect a warm welcome, great hospitality and fantastic food from this well formed local pub.

Young’s at heart

Betty, Eden’s mother, is chatting with Eden’s father Craig.

‘Remember, last month we were in that favourite pub of yours, next to the street market?’
The Dog and Bull.’
‘Yes, and your two mates came in, they were fundraising for their charity, lifeboats, the RNLI. You gave more than anybody else, remember how good you felt?’


The seas, beaches and waterways watched over by our lifesavers are enjoyed by millions of people every year. But the water remains an unpredictable environment that can catch people out. People will always need our help and – thanks to you – we will always be there to answer that call.

8,436 lifeboat launches

In 2017, RNLI lifeboat crews launched 8,436 times around the coasts of the UK and Ireland, aiding an average of 22 people a day. It is clear that our volunteer lifesavers are still needed to help keep our coastline safe.

With more people than ever needing our help, and too many still drowning, our lifeboat crews are busier than ever before. If they have any hope of reaching people safely and in time, they need vital training, stations that are fit for purpose, protective kit, reliable equipment and the fastest lifeboats. These things may be costly, but they’re not as costly as a family losing a loved one to drowning.

See below the many different ways you can support our lifesavers and give money to the RNLI. As a charity, we rely on your generosity to save lives at sea. So, whether you’re looking to donate money to charity or give in other ways, you can be sure your gift to the RNLI, no matter how much, will make a lifesaving difference. Not only to the people we rescue and their loved ones, but to the crew and their families too.