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As well as the news. the Evening Standard often illuminates readers on everyday occurrences, ordinary yet extraordinary events, additionally they have an enormous cohort of contributors who obligingly give us their perspectives on life, often focusing on the loud, noisy, at times raucous other times tumultuous brash behaviour, especially if it’s next door. Eden found herself considering the tones of the indulging neighbours.

But they were faced with an old issue, one they had been regularly familiar with. The double bed in her parents’ spare bedroom pitilessly gave out a very particular creaking noise with even the slightest movement. It was like back then, before they moved to Alicante, in their own flat, the walls were cardboard thin and Eden and Ron had to listen to the performance of the neighbours, therefore they themselves tried to be discrete.

Suzannah Ramsdale recently wrote an article in the Evening Standard, highlighting this situation, especially with regard to modern building methods, definitely worth a read.

My bedroom, my sanctuary, my escape from the world has become a place I dread. I recorded one particularly performative session on my phone and WhatsApped it to some pals so they could see what I’d been moaning about. They all found it funny, of course, but I’ve actually started to find it quite distressing — especially during their more robust copulations where the headboard bangs against my wall, and his swearing becomes more obscene. I’ve quickly gone from amused to anguished. 

Evening Standard, author, Suzannah Ramsdale, article, next-door-s-sexploits-are-keeping-me-up-all-night

We are provided with much more in the Evening Standard, for example Sudoku …

… Salvador, Salva, my nine-year-old son, is also in the playground, he is sitting on a bench next to the main entrance to the school with a copy of the Evening Standard, which Ron had picked up last night at the airport in London, folded on his knee, pen in hand. Ron was the one who introduced my son to Sudoku, since then Salva has become quite fast doing the Sudoku puzzles and equally proficient in maths at school, the teachers often comment on how he impresses them with his mental arithmetic speed.

… and crosswords …

… Next I go to prepare a couple of bags with the things we require, bring them downstairs next to the front door and shove a small stack of Metros and Evening Standards into one of them. Salva loves doing Sudoku and has now started on the crosswords too, but he gets frustrated at his lack of knowledge and vocabulary so I regularly remind him to read more books, not just his favourite stuff, a wider variety like novels and to look at the news stories in the newspapers, but they don’t interest him.

If you can’t get hold of a printed copy like Ron, the latest London news can also be accessed by visiting the Evening Standard website.