‘Just yesterday I read an article, in the Metro that Ron brought back from London, they’ve done some research, looking at towns where the number of women working from home has increased significantly, I mean doing paid work not just being a housewife. The research showed that in those towns the sales of shampoos and conditioners has dropped dramatically.

… and crosswords …

Next I go to prepare a couple of bags with the things we require, bring them downstairs next to the front door and shove a small stack of Metros and Evening Standards into one of them. Salva loves doing Sudoku and has now started on the crosswords too, but he gets frustrated at his lack of knowledge and vocabulary so I regularly remind him to read more books, not just his favourite stuff, a wider variety like novels and to look at the news stories in the newspapers, but they don’t interest him.

You won’t always be able to get hold of a printed copy of Metro, so if you are on the move, I strongly recommend that you download their mobile app to stay in tune, by visiting the Metro mobile app webpage.