Above the general noise and hubbub on a crowded beach in Spain can be heard the shouts of a drinks vendor trying to sell his wares to the sunbathers on the ivory white sand …

‘¡Agua Cerveza Coca-Cola!’ dragged her out of her dream.

A view of the aforementioned beach, here right in the centre of town, Postiguet beach

Playa y castillo, origin unknown

The words of an anthem-like song surge from a sound system on a nearby stage …

La manta al coll

i el cabasset,

mos n’anirem

al Postiguet

Later, much later, on a quieter day, we find Eden musing on ‘su entorno’, her surroundings …

I look at the acquiescent wavy line between liquid and solid, where the sea and the shore meet, constantly changing in that mesmerizing way, today slowly and tranquilly ebbing and flowing. I step across, to the fluid, to wet my feet. I stand in the few inches of seawater that gently, languorously laps around my feet. How at home I feel here, in my Alicante idyll. The purling of the waves. The cries of seagulls. Everything seems so calm and serene.