Reeves Corner

Reeves Corner and House of Reeves

A calamity occurred in Croydon during my stay there, so, in my novel I refer to fires raging in the borough of Croydon, I have placed my character Eden there, at that time, to witness the events, especially from her perspective close to the House of Reeves.

The tragic significance for me was to be back at my childhood home on the seventh of August 2011, when The House of Reeves, the famous furniture shop, probably the oldest business in the town, was burnt to the ground during the civil unrest and riots that had spread across Britain. From the garden we could see the enormous flames shooting high into the night sky and the helicopters flying in circles above, smell the dark, noxious smoke and hear the sirens of the fire engines and police competing with the heavy beats of the rotating blades of the helicopters and their thundering engines.

The House of Reeves store before the inferno

The House of Reeves store during the inferno

London Riots

Fire at Reeves Corner

Fire at House of Reeves furniture store during 2011 London riots.

House of Reeves furniture store in London came to widespread public attention following the riots of August 2011. The images beamed around the world of the furniture store in Croydon going up in flames following an arson attack during the riots became a symbol of the events that spread across the country, resulting in 50,000 retailers being affected and more than 40 English town centres attacked.
House of Reeves is one of the oldest independent furniture shops in London having been founded in 1867 by Edwin Reeves, originally a barrel maker from the west country market town of Sherborne in Dorset.

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One part of the furniture store, situated on the other side of the road from the building that was destroyed, remained intact and continues trading to this day, hooray!

House of Reeves, still in business

House of Reeves, still in business