Croydon Advertiser

Wherever you are in the world, the local media is fundamental in community cohesion, a strong and vigorous local newspaper is often the key to a positive and prosperous community. The Croydon Advertiser can therefore be described as the superglue that binds together such a diverse community as we have in this curious, most cosmopolitan of London’s boroughs.

Stepping off the beach, Eden dropped the sandals on the promenade and slid her feet into them. As she was looking down at the stone tiles she felt dizzy. She grabbed hold of the ash-covered railing, which ran along the low sea wall, to get her balance back. A memory of herself back in London came to her, fished out unexpectedly, reading an article in the Croydon Advertiser about these tiles on this same Spanish beach promenade, arranged in a crazy artistic pattern which gave the illusion of 3D squares sticking up in the air, often leaving drunken tourists swaying in confusion, just as she was now similarly affected.

On the tiles. Angie Cosans

Ron sits down, picks up one, from a number of newspapers, which he had brought home from London yesterday, and starts reading it.
‘Oh, good, you bought the Advertiser, it always has pages of coverage,’ I say. ‘I want to know what they are saying about
Ron nods and gets back to the Croydon Advertiser.

This longstanding local newspaper, founded in 1869, can speak for itself as well as for Croydon, so find a little time and pay them a visit. They have recently made radical changes to their on-line presence, I hope this link I have provided to their website, the Croydon Advertiser, is still correct and active when you follow the link …

… let me know if the link is broken and I will repair it asap. Because they have made the following announcement …

Exciting news as the Croydon Advertiser website is renamed MyLondon.

… an independent info page about the Croydon Advertiser can be reached at