Statu Voluptatis


Welcome to the section dedicated to a review of Statu Voluptatis.

At present the book is yet to be read by a reader wearing a reviewer’s hat, so the remainder remains a void.



Perhaps you read it on the train.

Maybe on the plane, a perfect read when you go on holiday.

Take it with you whatever your device, download and enjoy in your own good time!


People are often friendly when you are on the go, but not always. Sometimes it is best to take yourself away from your immediate surroundings, a virtual trip  is not as good as the real thing but inside these pages is a flavour of what you might see, hear, taste and feel as I take you on a visit to Alicante, for a walk along the Esplanada to Postiguet beach, around town up la Rambla alongside Santa Barbara Castle. Enjoy!


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