Some places in Croydon, such as Addiscombe, Wandle Park and Reeves Corner have strong personal connections as I have lived in Croydon for a significant part of my life, with pride I can say that it’s my town and I love it. It has changed quite dramatically since I first arrived here, it has developed and modified with fantastic speed.

Croydon’s changing skyline
Almshouses in the centre of Croydon.

But a calamity occurred in the town during my stay there, so, in my novel I refer to fires raging in the borough of Croydon and I have placed my character Eden there, at that time, to witness the events …

The tragic significance for me was to be back at my childhood home on the seventh of August 2011, when The House of Reeves, the famous furniture shop, probably the oldest business in the town, was burnt to the ground during the civil unrest and riots that had spread across Britain. From the garden we could see the enormous flames shooting high into the night sky and the helicopters flying in circles above, smell the dark, noxious smoke and hear the sirens of the fire engines and police competing with the heavy beats of the rotating blades of the helicopters and their thundering engines.

London Road

London Road, in the west of Croydon, producing this sensational image …

At Reeves corner, in the centre of Croydon, one of the oldest businesses in the town suffered the same fate …

Reeves furniture store in flames
Reduced to burning embers

For more about the fire and the furniture store as well, go to Reeves Cornerhabitat of House of Reeves

Adjacent building which escaped the conflagration

Some of the characters often visit a pub with a nice beer garden, they drop into the Dog and Bull, in the heart of Croydon, Surrey Street, where London’s oldest street market is also located, follow links to get a taste …

In this international, cosmopolitan borough is the stadium of one of the worlds’ premier football teams, the family oriented CPFC, Crystal Palace Football Club, where the passionate fans congregate to show their pride in team and town and provide tumultuous, vociferous support, most noisily at the Holmesdale Road end of Selhurst Park

When in Croydon, visit Shirley windmill, go to Shirley Hills to read more about it.

A map showing where our heritage is being cared for …

Conservation in Croydon

Enjoy a country walk through Coombe Wood

Bounce on hundreds of trampolines at Oxygen Freejumping

Play a board game at The Ludoquist

Explore Croydon Airport Visitor Centre

Take a stroll in Wandle Park

See a movie at the David Lean Cinema

Shop at London’s oldest street market

Enjoy art and coffee at Art Rebellion

Watch a football match at Selhurst Park football stadium

Go for a stroll in Croham Hurst woods

Glide over Croydon

Visit Shirley Windmill

See a show at Matthews Yard

Enjoy a spot of retail therapy

See a play at a pub theatre

Hear live music at The Oval Tavern

Visit the Museum of Croydon

Appreciate art at Turf gallery

Chill out at Byte Cafe

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The Croydon Advertiser

P.S. The Fairfield Halls, including the Ashcroft Theatre, have been recently renovated and are back up and running …

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